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Bi-Lingual (Spanish/English) Speech and Language Pathologist
Serving the Greater New York City Northern New Jersey Metro Region

Over 22 Years of Speech Therapy Success – From Infants to Adults

Welcome to my bi-lingual private practice in speech and language pathology, where you can expect remarkable results for your child, yourself, or a parent.

Speech Language Pathologist Beth Levetown, New York City

Speech and Language Disorders in Children

Speech and language disorders, stuttering, auditory processing and oral motor disorders can interfere with your child’s daily life, affecting his or her social and academic success. The earlier treatment begins, the better. My structured focus and flexible approach will enable your English- or Spanish-speaking child to express exactly what he or she wants. I have the expertise and skills to help your child thrive!

Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Accident or Illness
Affecting Speech in Adults

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury from a stroke, accident, or illness; if a voice disorder is affecting communication; or if you would like to reduce your accent to enhance your career opportunities, I can help. I stay abreast of the latest findings, therapies, and testing procedures to evaluate your needs, improve communication skills, and restore your confidence.


New York City Board of Education approved

Licensed in New York and New Jersey

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