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A Note from HTA of New York, an Early Intervention Agency in NYC for Infants and Toddlers

February 11, 2014

Beth Levetown has been working with HTA of New York since July 11th 2006. HTA of New York is an Early Intervention Agency in NYC and we provide services for infants and toddlers (birth to age 3) that have developmental delays. Beth has continued to provide Speech Therapy to our kids in their homes since 2006.

Beth’s paperwork is always handed in to the agency in a timely fashion. She hands in her work on a weekly basis when other clinicians hand them in monthly. She also hands in her treatment summaries weeks before they are due. It is rare that I have to correct any of her work because she is methodical, detail oriented and conscientious in all aspects of her job.

She is well liked by all levels of our staff as well as City Officials of The New York City Office of Mental Health and Hygiene.

"Parents provide positive feedback of her work with their children. She has always demonstrated above average communication skills be they phone contact, written or face to face communications. This particular job requires an emphasis on people skills which is one of Beth’s strengths. She possesses an exquisite sensitivity to people in need."

Beth is always willing to learn more about the treatment of children with severe delays. She attends numerous conferences and workshops and is always eager to learn more through her supervision here. Beth is a consummate professional and I will recommend her for any endeavors she may have in the future.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

-- Dr. Concepcion Jusino, Jr.
Director of HTA’s Early Intervention Program
(212) 732-5427 ext 211


Beth Levetown was Speech Therapist to My Son Aidan
for Almost One Year

Beth Levetown was speech therapist to my son Aidan for almost one year starting early December 2012, when he was 12 years old and in 7th grade. He had been with two other speech therapists over the preceding several years.

"Beth was absolutely wonderful with my son. She truly cared about helping him to blossom, and went the extra mile in so many ways. she took a keen interest in his emotional wellbeing."

We are disappointed that it is no longer possible for Aidan to access Beth through the Board of Education.

Beth often used the subject matter of his classes at school and his homework assignments as a basis for speech therapy. As a result he benefited no only from her knowledgeable guidance in speech, but also from reinforcement and progress in his academic work. For an over-scheduled child in secondary school, this was extremely helpful and supportive.

Thanks to Beth's efforts, Aidan now speaks with greater fluency and confidence. His practice of reading aloud under her tutelage helped him to succeed in a presentation to his class in early November 2013, to the point that his English teacher made a special mention in his report card in December 2013.

My son is bilingual English and French and attends the Lycée Francais. I felt that it was an advantage that Beth has bilingual skills. Even though Spanish is her second language, the fact that she has these skills helped her to connect with him more effectively and respond to his needs.

I have no reservations in highly recommending Beth Levetown as a speech therapist and am happy to answer any questions.


Kind, Supportive, and Effective Speech Pathology

Beth worked with my daughter, Jenna for two years. She was kind, supportive, and effective.

"We saw tremendous progress in Jenna's verbal skills while she was working with Beth."

Beth was instrumental in ensuring that Jenna was prepared for kindergarten. She is doing great and we are eternally grateful for all of Beth's support.


The Decision of Speech Therapy

My husband and I struggled with the decision of speech therapy. We could not decide if our son was truly behind, or he was just a typical 3 year old. After a great deal of research, we decided that speech pathologist Beth Levetown was the best choice for our family.

There are so many wonderful things about Beth. After the first initial meeting, I know that we made the right decision. Our son immediately was comfortable with Beth. It can be tough working with an active 3 year old, but Beth was patient and understanding, week after week.

Every time I took him there she try different ways for our son to learn. Almost immediately, we saw a difference in his speech. Our son struggled to express himself and also a few of his basic letter sounds. After a short period of time, he made a remarkable turnaround.

"One of the best parts of our time with Beth was seeing how happy she made our son!"

My son now is in kindergarten, thanks to Beth Levetown he is doing great in the classroom no problem at all of expressing himself with the teacher and his friends! Our family highly recommends making the choice of speech therapy. It has made a world of difference for us.

Thank you again for everything Beth!!


Noticeable Speech Problems

Our daughter had noticeable speech problems in nursery school that we needed to be addressed prior to her entering kindergarten.

"Beth's therapy worked wonders and her speech impediments immediately improved and completely resolved by the time she entered kindergarten."

Beth was extremely flexible with our demanding schedules, even offering to come to our apartment! We recommend her highly!

-- P.I.

Experience with Pre-Schoolers with Speech Delays

When my son, Bob, was three years old we began to be concerned about his speech. As his mother, I could understand him most of the time, but it was apparent to me that most other people found him unintelligible. I noticed that he was having trouble connecting with other children at the playground because he could not make himself understood. Sometimes he would just give up on playing with another child, or alternately become frustrated and angry that he had to repeat himself so many times and still not be understood. At his three-year check-up, my pediatrician recommended that we have Bob’s speech evaluated. Because Bob could clearly understand what was being said to him and was not delayed in other ways, she felt his issue was solely articulation-related.

We found the Department of Education process to be straightforward and Bob was evaluated within a month. The DOE found that his speech was delayed at least one year and recommended that a speech therapist work with him for two one hour sessions per week. The DOE coordinator highly recommended Beth Levetown to us based on her training and extensive experience with pre-schoolers with speech delays.

"We are so grateful for all of Beth’s efforts on behalf of our son -- she always went the extra mile for him and the results literally speak for themselves."

We have found Beth to be everything the DOE said and more. Beth did an extensive evaluation and explained what she would be doing with Bob. Coming two times per week, Bob made fast progress. Within a couple months, his pre-school teachers had already noticed a significant improvement in his speech. And he was a much happier child now that his friends could understand him. In fact, Beth was so motivated to improve his speech that she was able to have the DOE authorize one more session each week. Bob’s speech has blossomed – he speaks quite clearly now after a year of therapy. In fact, my husband recently commented that Bob speaks with the precision of a Shakespearian actor at this point! Bob’s pre-school teacher commented to me today that Bob now talks all the time and that everything he says is understandable. She also said that he always has a smile on his face.

Beth’s office is chock-full of games, crafts and books. While speech therapy can sometimes be hard work for a child, Bob really enjoyed the board games that Beth used in her sessions. He also did many craft projects which he enjoyed immensely. He was so engrossed in the game or project that he hardly realized Beth was working on his pronunciation, tongue position or breathing. We are so grateful for all of Beth’s efforts on behalf of our son -- she always went the extra mile for him and the results literally speak for themselves.

-- E.S.

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